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TRANSPORT: Freight Link Pty Limited


Grain Transport - Australian Grain LinkAustralian Grain Link Pty Ltd provides freight solutions to its suppliers, customers and clients through Freight Link (NSW) Pty Ltd. Freight Link (NSW) Pty Limited is responsible for the coordination and on-time delivery of all grain stored at Australian Grain Link Pty Ltd sites to clients and customers.

Rod Miller is the Managing Director of Freight Link and has a proven "can do" track record in the bulk transport industry spanning 30 years.

The company has a fleet of B-Double trucks and specialises in the bulk transportation of grain and fertilizer. By back loading fertilizer from port to key country destinations, Freight Link (NSW) Pty Limited has grown alongside its customers to develop freight strategies and efficiencies throughout the Eastern States of Australia that are second to none.

Grain Transport - Australian Grain LinkFreight Link (NSW) Pty Limited prides itself on the relationships with its customers which have been the backbone of the company's growth, and the hands on approach of management and staff in both the office and the field demonstrates that Freight Link (NSW) Pty Ltd is committed to the industry and will stop at nothing to ensure all freight tasks are completed on time, every time.